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Friday, May 01, 2009


from Winning the War on Terror

. . . where Sultan Knish . . . makes, among eight others, this modest proposal for what to do with those who come to kill us:

5. Kill Them - This one is pretty straightforward. We have the lead in both conventional and non-conventional weapons. Any nation hosting Islamic extremists would have a year to take care of the problem, or we would take care of them. No nation building, just massive destruction aimed at their technological and transportation infrastructure reverting them back to 19th, if not the 18th century.

Pros: It solves much of the problem, especially when combined with a quarantine.

Cons: We would have to be willing to kill millions, directly or indirectly, while maintaining an alliance that would defy Russia, China and the First World nations that would accuse us of genocide. The real name for this war might well turn out to be World War III. It would take a Churchill or a Roosevelt to launch something like that, and while the world would be radically different afterward, it might well turn out to be radioactively different too.

Of course that still beats having out grandchildren grow up as slaves of the Ummah.

For Sultan Knish's other proposed solutions about what we could do with those whose only purpose in life is to kill us, see his Winning the War on Terror

For which one of the Sultan's solutions I (Leslie White) favor, click on

What Will Work and What Will Not To Keep Us from Islamic Domination

And the Sultan's choice?

In a COMMENT to the post linked immediately above, the Sultan discusses the solution that he favors and reiterates its pros and cons.


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