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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Shore Up the Enemies of the Jews!

Billions for Gaza. No mercy for Jews Hit by Rockets

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More infidel billions for Gaza

NormanF said...
All this international generosity for the Palestinians is not because any one else cares for them or loves them. Its the world's way of getting back at the Jews. There's nothing else involved here and if any other people lost a war, they wouldn't be getting $5 billion in aid waiting in the pipeline for them. Heck, the world isn't even that generous to victims of natural disasters! Its a marvel how every one is so stingy when the Jews aren't in the picture. But that changes in a heartbeat when someone is a victim of the Jews.Just color me cynical. All this milk of human kindness isn't flowing because they want to rebuild Gaza. No, the world wants to punish Israel for trying to destroy the Palestinian terrorists in the first place.


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