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Monday, February 02, 2009


"Blood Money" paid to anti-Israel "journalist'' caught fighting (or not - as the denial will go on forever) against Israeli forces on the side of the despicable Gazan Arab murderers.

Israel to pay $2.2 mil to James Miller family
In 2003, an IDF Bedouin soldier shot British journalist in Gaza, apparently mistaking his camera for a weapon. Other accounts indicate Miller was caught in fighting. Whatever the case, the anti-Israeli journalist is dead. [tough sh*t]

Miller’s family demanded compensation and British government threatened Israel with a request for soldiers’ extradition. Normal nations just don’t care: Russia ignored British extradition requests on several occasions. In Litvinenko case, Russian decision sparked a short diplomatic crisis, forgotten a few months after.

Israel paid the dead Jew-hater’s family much more than the government has ever paid to the families of fallen Jewish heroes. Miller’s payment sets a dangerous precedent which the “human rights” organizations will use to extort more money from Israel.
01 February 2009


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