The Jew in Yellow No More

Monday, January 26, 2009


. . . been there, done that--same old (s.o.s.)--2-state solution is no solution.

Only one way to solve this Arab-Moslem-created "problem"--A One-State Solution: One State=Israel.

"but, but"--they will say--what about the "Palestinians?"(meaning the Arabs).

They must go (not an original thought, I know--but one voiced by one who knew that it will be the only way).

Boring to repeat that they--the Arabs, the Moslems--came from many parts of the huge territories under the yoke of Islam, and they can go back there.

What happened to the Hamas wanna-be Jew-killers should have been pursued until none remained--and Gaza held not one Arab soul who sought to kill a Jew, just because he was a Jew.

Iron Wall of Jabotinsky (modified a la Kahane), iron first to enforce this.

No quarter, no listening to whining or being moved by Arafatian (phegh!) tears.

This will never be a U.S. Middle East policy. It should be an Israeli Middle East policy.

Possible? Yes. How? There are people in Israel who know. Problem is the government--there--and here.

What is needed for that problem are changes. The U.S. just had its (s.o.s.). Israel could benefit from theirs--but not in the same direction: hard starboard rudder-- and then dead ahead.

January 23, 2009 12:28 PM

The foregoing is a Comment to the Radarsite post "Obama's ME Envoy - More of the Same: Obama Wants Gaza Borders Open"


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