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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tony Blair, Dimwitted Slimeball, Will Solve "Middle-East" Crisis

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Down with the Queen
By Obadiah Shoher

One of the funniest lines I’ve heard was Tony Blair speaking about democratic Israel and secular Palestine. It’s not even the point that an utterly failed prime minister takes it upon himself to lecture the oldest nation on earth. Blair’s own country is a monarchy and non-secular at that. That’s true, in Britain like in many other European countries church and state are not separated. In Christian monarchy, a Jewish commoner is not equal to the queen, nor are the Jews equal to Christians because state holidays and symbolism are Christian and budgeting favors Christian organizations. Blair, nevertheless, argues that Israel must provide her Muslim residents with full equality.

Blair’s role of arbiter is absurd. Jews do not want an arbiter to begin with. After millennia of persecutions, we don’t care whether the solution we want is just, we just want it. But more, Blair cannot possibly arbitrate our conflict with Arabs because of self-interest; as if real conflicts could be arbitrated at all. Britain consistently takes pro-Arab position in foreign relations. British economic interests lie with oil-producing Muslims. British strategic partnerships are with Arab countries. Britain sought to prevent Israeli state from coming into being and usually did not oppose UN’s anti-Semitic resolutions.

The Quartet’s moralizing attempts are obscene. The United States comfortably exists on the land it took from slaughtered Native Indians; even the far-left liberals do not argue for returning the land to its rightful owners the Indians. How’s the administration of the Occupied United States concerned with Israeli “occupation” of a tiny strip of land alongside an unimportant river?

Both the United States and Britain retain colonial possessions against the islanders’ will. France lost its colonies despite great will to maintain them, and cannot in good faith argue against Israeli “occupation.” Russia occupies Japanese (the Kuril Islands), German (Koenigsberg), and until recently – Polish and Romanian territories as well as many other ethnically distinct regions. The UN, another member of the Quartet, has no problem with the world’s many monarchies, nationalist regimes, atrocious governments, border wars, and ethnic persecutions, but became obsessed over Israeli issues.

Is there an arbiter acceptable to Israel? The defeatist establishment accepted even the most biased arbiter, the Quartet. A Jewish government would have rejected any arbiter because we want the land rather than justice for Arabs; let the Americans restore justice to their Native Indians first. But an impartial arbiter is impossible to find: since Arabs are more numerous than Jews, more important strategically, and possess oil, any governmental arbiter would favor them. A non-governmental arbiter inherently lacks the power of enforcement and does not command the respect associated with power in international relations.

The Quartet is just a new name for the Evian Conference.

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Whose side do you think this "even-handed" arbiter is on? You are allowed only one guess.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Shore Up the Enemies of the Jews!

Billions for Gaza. No mercy for Jews Hit by Rockets

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More infidel billions for Gaza

NormanF said...
All this international generosity for the Palestinians is not because any one else cares for them or loves them. Its the world's way of getting back at the Jews. There's nothing else involved here and if any other people lost a war, they wouldn't be getting $5 billion in aid waiting in the pipeline for them. Heck, the world isn't even that generous to victims of natural disasters! Its a marvel how every one is so stingy when the Jews aren't in the picture. But that changes in a heartbeat when someone is a victim of the Jews.Just color me cynical. All this milk of human kindness isn't flowing because they want to rebuild Gaza. No, the world wants to punish Israel for trying to destroy the Palestinian terrorists in the first place.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Conversation With Avigdor Lieberman
Interview by Lally Weymouth
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